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Enso dentistry is “complete” dentistry. We address pathologies in your mouth, face and jaw joints also, not just your teeth and gums. We believe that your oral health affects your general health and vice-versa. At the core of this complete dentistry is patient comfort. Everything we do in our office revolves around this basic concept.

Dr. Keerti

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Dr Keerti believes that beauty, function and longevity are the three pillars of any good dental work. She strives to deliver on all three fronts everytime. Above all, Dr. Keerti believes in kindness and integrity. You will be surrounded with warmth in her care.


We think that our work speaks for itself, but don’t take our word for it. Read what some of our clients are saying about us. We encourage you to contact us and tell us how we’re doing.

Dr. Sahasrabudhe is simply phenomenal. She “gets” it. And by that, I mean that she gets the essence of medicine: at the highest level, medicine is about making patients feel better. You would think that they’d drill that into your brain when you’re going through medical school, but the number of doctors I’ve known who just don’t “get” that seems to suggest that the medical educational system has and continues to fail a lot of smart med students. Now, there’s absolutely nothing fun about getting your gums poked by a needle and keeping your mouth open for two hours so that someone can have a field day in your mouth with a drill. And, need I mention “rubber dams”?!? As functional as they may be, those are single-handedly one of my least favorite objects in the world. Let’s face it, visiting a dentist is never fun. I’m going to sound like a masochist when I say this – I look forward to my dentist visit.

N.K. Patient

I recently saw Dr Keerti for replacing a filling from over a decade ago. As usual, the experience was absolutely enjoyable. She is extremely competent and caring. For bonus, she is very funny also! I have been her patient for more than 5 years. I used to be apprehensive about going to the dentist before that due to terrible pain caused by injections 🙁 When a friend of mine in Microsoft recommended her, I decided to give it a try. I remember her assistant promising me that the shot won’t hurt! She was right!! The whole procedure (a crown) was absolutely painless. The result was fabulous. I no longer have any apprehension – at least as long as I can go to Dr Keerti. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great dentist! You will have a whole new appreciation for the profession…

A.N. Patient

Dr Keerti is the real deal! I needed a lot of work done – a complete smile makeover – if you will. First, I went to another cosmetic dentist who did some weekend courses in Las Vegas. I saw some fake looking befores and afters and on top of it, very expensive. I knew I needed a lot of work but still. I was referred to Dr Keerti by my friend who is a hygenist. I was really impressed during my consult. Dr Keerti really gets it. She explained this whole science behind the smile. I learned more about my smile in half hour from her than I ever knew! She did gum recontouring, veneers and crowns for me. Asolutely natural and exquisite! Dr Keerti is a smile genius!! She herself has a gorgeous smile – but she gave me an even better one! Dr Keerti has been my dentist since then. I have always found her to be very caring and hyper-competent.

J.C. Patient

Dr. Sahasrabudhe (Dr.Keerti) represents the “league of dentists and people” with the level of integrity and committment like none I have ever seen. (I have been in the dental field myself for 30 years, so that says alot!) She did a chairside veneer on my upper front tooth 1.5 yrs ago and it is still totally undetectable! She is awesome in all arenas, from terrific chairside manner to meticulous artistry in her restorative work. Whether cosmetic or repair and maintenance treatment is what you need, she will fulfill your expections and beyond! Thank you Dr. Keerti!

P.C. Patient

Dr. Keerti is the only dentist I have ever looked forward to seeing. Aside from 6-month exams, she has done 3 fillings for me. Normally, I am so upset by shots in my mouth that I get my fillings done without Novocain. She promised no pain from the shots and I trusted her and allowed her to give me Novocain shots; and I truly didn’t feel a thing. She makes jokes during the exams and procedures and you truly forget you are at the dentist. Even during a 45 minute filling, she constantly asks how you are doing.

Janet Patient

Dr. Keerti is first and foremost a wonderful human being that makes you feel comfortable and happy to be around. She also just happens to be an amazing dentist who has worked on my teeth for several years now. She has corrected mistakes other dentists have created, redone many of my filling that needed replacing and performed a host of routine checkups. She also treated a mouth ulcer I had after I bit a chunk out of my cheek. Not a pleasant experience but she is a specialist in this area also and it is worth mentioning here.

A.P. Patient
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