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Cosmetic Dentistry

Select from the topics below to learn about the cosmetic dentistry options we offer to enhance your smile. If you have a topic that’s not listed below, we encourage you to Explore what we offer or contact us via email or phone and we’ll be delighted to help you.

Porcelain Veneers

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers can transform a smile in as few as two dental visits. Handcrafted from durable porcelain, custom shaded to blend with your existing teeth, veneers are semi-translucent shells that Dr Keerti can permanently bond to your front teeth. They will completely transform your smile, and they may change your life! Porcelain veneers can mask stained, chipped, cracked, worn, or otherwise damaged teeth in the smile zone. Porcelain veneers can also close gaps and cover misshapen teeth. They change the appearance of a smile by altering color, shape, size, and overall appearance of teeth. Dental patients across the globe have experienced increased confidence and success through smile makeovers with porcelain veneers. You deserve the smile of your dreams, and porcelain veneers can give it to you!

Why should you choose Porcelain Veneers?

A whiter, straighter, more aesthetic smile can make a patient appear years younger and boost self confidence. Many patients choose veneers over crowns, bonding, or braces. Crowns require more aggressive tooth reduction than porcelain veneers. Bonding is not as strong as porcelain veneers, and when natural dentition discolors, the bonded areas will be very noticeable. Braces correct overbites and underbites, but orthodontic therapy can take years. Porcelain veneers provide an instant smile makeover. Because veneers are thin and allow light to reflect from natural underlying dentition, they look completely natural.

How are Porcelain Veneers applied?

Dr Keerti will first measure your facial features, discuss your ideal smile, and record data to send to the dental lab. You may want to bring photos of smile styles you prefer. Once your new veneers are hand made in a dental lab, your dentist will secure the porcelain veneers to your existing dentition in a second appointment. Porcelain veneers are thin, about .3 to .5 mm. To ensure a smooth and natural appearance, your dentist may remove a small amount of existing tooth enamel before securing the veneers. Anesthesia will be administered before tooth reduction to ensure your optimal comfort. Once your custom-made porcelain veneers are affixed, you can enjoy your brilliant new stain-resistant smile for years.

Are there any downfalls to having porcelain veneers?

Veneers can last for years if they are cared for properly. Patients should not chew on hard substances, like ice, and habitual fingernail biting can wear down porcelain veneers (as well as natural teeth). Proper oral hygiene and semi-annual dental hygiene appointments are also important for longevity. Patients may experience about two weeks of mixed feelings while they adjust to the look and feel of their new smile.

Clear Braces

There are several clear or relatively “invisible” alternatives to traditional old metal braces such as Invisalign, ClearCorrect and Smart moves. All the “clear brace” systems work more or less similarly in that you get fitted with a series of removable clear plastic aligners. The continuous, planned, progressive and selective pressure created by these aligners moves the teeth in the desired direction towards the ultimate end goal.

For our patient convenience, we offer two choices.

  • Clear Correct – For limited to more advanced cases. This is also the system of choice for patients who would like a computerized 3D modeling to give them an idea of the final result.
  • Smart Moves – very simple cases needing movement only for the front teeth.

Why ClearCorrect?

You deserve a smile you can be proud of, and ClearCorrect can make it happen. Our clear aligners are comfortable, removable, and, best of all, nearly invisible. Most people won’t even notice that you’re wearing them. And because you can easily remove the aligners to eat, you don’t have to change your diet like you might with braces. You can show off your smile with almost no impact on your daily life. Some severe cases of misalignment do require metal braces, but most patients can be treated just as effectively with clear aligners. The cost and length of treatment are generally comparable. Why wouldn’t you choose ClearCorrect?

How does it work?

We will have a detailed consult with you to understand your goals and desires with clear braces. Then we take impressions and photos of your teeth. We’ll collaborate with the Clear-correct lab to create a 3D model of your mouth first. You will get to see this model before any aligners are made, if you desire. Then a series of clear plastic aligners custom-fitted to your teeth are created. Each aligner will apply targeted pressure to selected teeth , slowly moving them into alignment. Every six weeks or so, we will check on your progress and give you your next two sets of aligners. Unlike other clear aligner companies, clear correct creates your aligners in phases, so that YOU, the patient can request changes at any time and have more control over the final outcome! Treatment usually takes 6–18 months, but you’ll start to see results in as little as 2 to 3 months.

What can it do?

ClearCorrect can treat a wide variety of issues that keep people from achieving their ideal smiles. Straighter teeth don’t just look better; they work better too. Poorly-aligned teeth can interfere with bite function, wear out quicker, and are more prone to cavities. Ask us how ClearCorrect can help you. ClearCorrect is the clear and simple alternative to braces. It’s a series of clear, custom-made, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth as you wear them. Ask us for more information on how ClearCorrect can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. “Phase Out”- When you choose clear correct…you choose to do good. Almost a billion people on the planet still don’t have access to clean drinking water. Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. We’re working with ClearCorrect to change that. ClearCorrect aligners straighten teeth one phase at a time. When we prescribe ClearCorrect aligners, we pay for a set number of phases. Sometimes a few phases get left over. Instead of asking for a refund, now for each leftover phase, ClearCorrect gives $20 to charity: water to build wells and other water projects in developing nations. One phase = one person with access to clean drinking water. Follow our progress at ClearConnect.Com/PhaseOut

Smart Moves

When only a small movement is needed for the front teeth, Smart Moves may be a good option. Here too, a set of clear aligners is created and fitted for the patient every few weeks.

Smile Makeover

We firmly believe that there is a lot of beauty in health. Most of the times, you don’t need a complete smile makeover to have a beautiful smile. All you might need is taking care of your gum health by cleanings and perhaps replacing some failing and discolored old fillings that are marring your smile. Add to that, a simple one-hour zoom whitening and voila, you are on your way to looking youthful and gorgeous.

Be sure to express your desire for esthetic smile enhancement when you come in to see Dr Keerti next time. She is always very conservative in her approach to dentistry and will probably suggest couple of little changes to your teeth that will change your entire smile. Trust us, a beautiful smile is within your reach and easier than you think!

Complete Smile Makeover

Your complete smile makeover starts with a complete smile analysis done by Dr Keerti at your smile consultation visit. Dr Keerti takes a comprehensive approach to your complete smile makeover. We analyze your lips, gum tissue, bone structure and the size, shape, color and placement of your teeth. We will discuss the rules of esthetic smiles with you and come up with a plan that addresses both health and beauty of your teeth and gums for a natural result. Before starting a complete smile makeover, we do a mock up and study in wax. Molds, pictures and face bow records are taken for precise measurements and study. Dr Keerti builds the case with you and pays attention not only to the color/shade of the teeth that you want but also the texture, transluscency, secondary and tertiary anatomy and personality of your teeth/veneers.

Zoom Power Whitening

In a single one-hour treatment session, our Professional Whitening can lighten your teeth up to eight shades. Simply call our office to schedule an appointment. Teeth whitening is effective and safe for patients whose teeth have yellow, brown or orange tinges due to age, food stains, heredity or tobacco use. If you want to lighten your smile from the comfort of your own home, no problem. Our custom trays and detailed instructions should help you flash a bright smile in 2 weeks.

If power teeth whitening will not improve the color of your smile, we can recommend alternative cosmetic dental procedures sure to brighten your teeth and give you a reason to flash your pearly whites. Procedures such as veneers may be recommended when professional whitening will just not produce the desired result after a second or a third try. It is not possible to always predict which teeth are going to be resistant to the effects of bleaching but usually teeth with severe intrinsic discoloration secondary to tetracycline therapy as a child may pose a problem.

Composite Bonding aka Tooth Colored Fillings

If you’re embarrassed about your smile because of decay or dark fillings in your teeth, you may be a good candidate for composite resins. A silicon dioxide-filled, tooth-colored plastic mixture, composite resins can restore teeth to an attractive, healthy state. Composite resins represent several advantages over traditional silver, or amalgam, fillings.

Because composite resins are not made of metal, we can blend and mix shades to find the perfect color to match your natural teeth. This means only you and your dentist will know you have fillings. Another pro is that the tooth/composite bond actually supports the remaining tooth structure, deterring breakage and insulating against temperature changes. Medium and small composites can last seven to ten years – that’s as long as the tried and true amalgams. Best of all, composite resins allow us to keep more of your natural tooth structure intact than amalgams. We believe in conservative dentistry – the more natural tooth structure you keep, the better teeth you’ll likely have in the future.

Some patients experience mild and temporary post-placement sensitivity from composite resin fillings. The only caution we usually mention is that coffee, tea, and other staining foods and beverages may discolor your composites unless you ask to have them coated with a clear plastic sealant.

Porcelain Inlays and Onlays

Unlike silver amalgam fillings, porcelain inlays and onlays will not expand or contract significantly, in response to temperature changes caused by hot or cold foods. Inlays and onlays can replace silver fillings to create a healthier, more natural-looking smile. In treating dental decay, or fractured and cracked teeth, inlays and onlays help to eliminate tooth sensitivity and eventual tooth loss. Inlays and onlays also offer the following benefits:

  • Since they can be made from tooth-colored material, including porcelain and composite resin, inlays and onlays are virtually invisible.
  • The use of inlays and onlays requires less tooth reduction than does the use of metal fillings. This allows dentists to conserve more of a patient’s natural tooth structure in the treatment process.

Because of the way inlays and onlays are made and bonded into the tooth structure, they help to strengthen teeth from inside out. The durable material from which inlays and onlays are made helps them last up to 30 years, much longer than that of conventional fillings. By saving decayed teeth, inlays and onlays prevent the need for more extensive treatment later on. However, if you have lost too much tooth structure due to decay or fractures caused by your old silver fillings, inlays and onlays may not be an option for you and you may need crowns to protect and strengthen your teeth.

Porcelain Crowns

If you’re self-conscious about cracked, broken, decayed, or worn teeth, we can bring back your healthy, natural-looking smile with dental crowns, also called caps. A crown can return beauty, structure, strength, and function to a tooth with extensive decay or damage. Designed to fit snugly and function as a healthy tooth, a crown will protect your tooth from further damage and preserve the jaw’s correct natural alignment.

If a porcelain veneer is like an artificial nail then a crown is akin to putting a thimble on the finger. This is only a rough analogy. Talk to Dr Keerti about various options for a porcelain crowns available today. We at Enso provide our patients with only the best options in metal –free porcelain crowns such as Empress, Lava and Procera. Metal free porcelain crowns are a great way to go if you hate that black line around your old crowns. Porcelain crowns with tooth –colored zirconia cores (lava crowns) rival the strength of porcelain crowns with metal cores. They can hide discolorations on teeth completely without looking opacious and lifeless. Procera crowns are another great way to go if you need strength and beauty. Empress crowns can mimic the translucency and vibrance of a young, healthy luminous tooth. Dr Keerti never places crowns with metal margins that ruin your smile.

We use precious metal or porcelain pressed (or fused) to metal for your very back teeth. For the front teeth and even premolars, Dr Keerti likes to use metal free all-porcelain crowns such as Empress, Procera or Lava crowns. To maintain a fully white smile, we recommend all-ceramic crowns. Our color-matching system using the 3D shade guide, allows us to find the right shade of porcelain to blend with your natural tooth color. Porcelain crowns are also extremely durable and long lasting, and these benefits make them popular with dentists as well as patients. We work with some of the best dental labs in Redmond, Issaquah and Bellevue area. Typically, we can design, fit, and place your crowns in just a couple of short appointments. Once a crown is placed, you can care for it as you do your natural teeth. Conscientious brushing twice a day and daily flossing will protect the base of your crown from bacterial growth. Be sure to see us at least two times each year for professional cleanings and a preventive exam, too.

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