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Are you putting up with a smile that's not "you"?

Are you happy? Healthy? Successful? Full of life? Intelligent? Interesting? Young at heart? Your smile should be right there with you. Your smile should be able to convey all of that in a flash. Does it? Your smile should ADD to YOU not take away from you. If your eyes are the windows to your soul then your smile is the window to your personality! Let your personality shine.

What makes your smile less than ideal? Missing teeth? Unhealthy gums? Decay? Gaps? Crooked teeth? Unsightly old fillings? How about dull, worn and chipped teeth that make you look years older than you feel? Whatever it is, Dr. Keerti can make a complete treatment plan for you and help you get to your ideal smile.

What is holding you back? The time commitment? Fear of dentistry? Financial commitment?.

The answer to your ideal smile does not have to be an extreme makeover. In fact, It often is not. Most people can reach their ideal smile by simply focusing on the health of their teeth and gums. Get a complete exam, get the necessary cleanings, and replace any old discolored and failing fillings with tooth-colored composites and restorations. Add a tooth whitening procedure AND voila! You are on your way to dazzling everyone.

If you are interested in options that go beyond that, you might want to discuss porcelain veneers or chair side bonded veneers with Dr. Keerti. Dr. Keerti is specially trained and experienced in cosmetic dentistry. After finishing her post-graduate training in cosmetic dentistry from UCLA, she has continued to practice this field and gain even more advanced training in the field. Dr. Keerti will analyze your smile and then design a smile based on an in-depth interview with you. Measurements and molds would be taken and your entire smile will be designed in a mock-up so you can preview it, before you commit to it. Dr. Keerti works closely with some of the best labs in the area to turn your vision and her keen esthetic eye into reality.

Porcelain bonded veneers are a great and natural way to correct chipped and cracked teeth and regain a youthful smile. Porcelain veneers are also used for correcting misshapen and misaligned teeth. In case you are wondering….the best way to describe a porcelain veneer is that it is like an artificial acrylic nail on your natural nail. Of course, this is just an analogy. Discuss the details of the procedure with Dr. Keerti.

If a porcelain veneer is like an artificial nail then a crown is akin to putting a thimble on the finger. Again, this is only a rough analogy. Talk to Dr. Keerti about various options for a porcelain crown available today. Gone are the days of opaque, lifeless porcelain crowns. Do you hate that black line around your old crown? We at Enso provide our patients with only the best options in metal –free porcelain crowns such as Empress, Lava and Procera. Metal free porcelain crowns are a great way to go if you hate that black line around your old crowns. Porcelain crowns with tooth –colored zirconia cores (lava crowns) rival the strength of porcelain crowns with metal cores. They can hide discolorations on teeth completely without looking dull and lifeless. Procera crowns are another great way to go if you need strength and beauty. Empress crowns can mimic the translucency and vibrancy of a young, healthy luminous tooth. Dr. Keerti never places crowns with metal margins that ruin your smile line.

Are you worried about the time commitment? You may be surprised at how quickly your smile can come together. Dr. Keerti pre-books her large cases at the lab for a quick turnaround time. Saturday appointments are available for smile-makeovers.

If you are wondering about finances, you may be surprised at what might be covered by your insurance. For truly cosmetic cases, talk to us about financing options.

If going to the dentist bothers you,or makes you anxious, click on “your comfort” section and remember – Dr. Keerti is a sedation dentist. You can choose laughing gas alone for mild anxiety or use oral conscious sedation if you want to be deeply relaxed.

All out of excuses? Contact us and take that first step.