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Are discolored teeth not letting your personality shine through?

Do you command attention when you walk into a room? Do people want to get to know you more because you put them at ease with your warm smile? If you are comfortable in your own skin (read "enamel""), it shows…..and people are attracted to that. A dazzling smile makes a person not just look great but also feel confident.

After just one session of Zoom! Whitening at Enso, you could enjoy a smile up to eight shades brighter. We use a professional bleaching gel to remove stains caused by foods, smoking, and heredity. An appointment takes about an hour and a half, so you can come in before work or over lunch.

If you prefer the convenience of home teeth whitening, ask Dr. Keerti for custom bleaching trays and a take-home teeth-whitening kit. With home teeth whitening, you can monitor the lightness of your teeth by simply discontinuing use when your smile is the color you desire. Most patients wear take-home trays for an hour a night over about two weeks. Our In Office Teeth Whitening patients supplement their office teeth whitening with complimentary take-home kits for touch up, as well.

Patients with dental or gum problems are advised to address these issues before any bleaching procedure. On the other hand, some patients benefit from lightening their teeth first and then matching the veneer/crown porcelain shade to their new, bright smile.

Everyone should expect some degree of sensitivity with this procedure. This can be counteracted with fluoride application. Unfortunately, there is no device to measure tooth sensitivity. You, the patient, are the best judge. Discontinue the use of lightening agents if you think that you are experiencing unusual symptoms and call your dentist.