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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Mini Smile Makeover

We firmly believe that there is a lot of beauty in health. Most of the times, you don't need a complete smile makeover to have a beautiful smile. All you might need is taking care of your gum health by cleanings and perhaps replacing some failing and discolored old fillings that are marring your smile. Add to that, a simple one-hour zoom whitening and voila, you are on your way to looking youthful and gorgeous.

Be sure to express your desire for esthetic smile enhancement when you come in to see Dr Keerti next time. She is always very conservative in her approach to dentistry and will probably suggest couple of little changes to your teeth that will change your entire smile. Trust us, a beautiful smile is within your reach and easier than you think!

Complete Smile Makeover

Your complete smile makeover starts with a complete smile analysis done by Dr Keerti at your smile consultation visit. Dr Keerti takes a comprehensive approach to your complete smile makeover. We analyze your lips, gum tissue, bone structure and the size, shape, color and placement of your teeth. We will discuss the rules of esthetic smiles with you and come up with a plan that addresses both health and beauty of your teeth and gums for a natural result. Before starting a complete smile makeover, we do a mock up and study in wax. Molds, pictures and face bow records are taken for precise measurements and study. Dr Keerti builds the case with you and pays attention not only to the color/shade of the teeth that you want but also the texture, transluscency, secondary and tertiary anatomy and personality of your teeth/veneers.