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Teeth Cleaning

There are two kinds of dental cleanings. The first and the more common one is called prophylactic cleaning or preventive cleaning. This cleaning is done every six months to maintain good oral health. The second type of cleaning is known as therapeutic cleaning or deep cleaning or scaling and root planing. This kind of cleaning is necessary when there are areas of chronic inflammation or infection in and around the gum tissue and the bone surrounding the tooth.

Most young and healthy patients with great home care generally only need a "preventive" cleaning every six months. If the doctor determines that you have areas of inflammation in your gums around your teeth, you may be advised to get cleanings more frequently.

Some patients may have areas of chronic, low –grade gum infection or inflammation, (gingivitis or periodontitis). People who have this condition may notice that their gums look redder and bleed upon brushing or flossing. They may complain of sensitive teeth and gums and perhaps bad-breath. For patients with areas of periodontitis, a more in-depth treatment and cleaning is advised. Periodontal disease, if unchecked, leads to alveolar bone loss, lost teeth and an unsightly smile.

How long has it been since your last cleaning? Irregular dental care and cleanings can be a precursor to periodontal disease. According to American Dental Association, Periodontal disease has been linked to heart disease in several reputable studies. It seems that the studies might be suggesting that a great smile is a sign of a great heart... but you already knew that :)

Periodontal disease is also linked to Diabetes. Diabetic patients tend to be more susceptible to this condition. One study also suggests that treating periodontal disease may actually have a positive impact on diabetes. Gum disease is also strongly linked to low-birth weight babies in pregnant women.

Treating gum disease is usually not difficult. Dr. Keerti will create a plan to suit your condition. We use special scaler tips called "sensi-tips" if you are very sensitive. We also use these special tips around veneers to increase the life span of the veneers by not damaging them with regular metal tips. What’s more - your gums can even be numbed up, painlessly, using a special technique, without any shots. We can also use warm water during your cleaning, to reduce any cold-sensitivity.