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Esthetic Fillings that are 80% Porcelain!

We are in awe too! This is truly the stuff we, in the dental field, dreamed of years ago. The future is here. Enso is one of the few dental offices that has invested in this technology. So committed are we to this new technology that we have it fitted in each operatory in our office! So what is this new technology? Well, imagine if you need a filling on a molar. Would you want the cavity filled with something that is mostly resin composite or strong porcelain? Historically, the only way to get your teeth filled with strong porcelain was to get an inlay or an onlay. Porcelain Inlays and Onlays are a great treatment choice when the cavity is big. But, they might be too expensive and unnecessary for repairing smaller cavities. For these kinds of medium to small cavities, we have a great option available now called the SONICFILL! This technology is brought to us after years and years of research and development at Kerr and Kavo. It comprises of an air-driven handpiece that generates sonic vibrations that liquifies the hard composite that is 80% filled with porcelain fillers. The operator is thus able to tightly pack the cavity with this very strong mix and actually bond it to the tooth structure. A special "curing light" polymerizes this restoration immediately. Patients are free to chew on the filled tooth right away. No restrictions and no second visit needed!! And the best part? It costs the same as a regular composite filling!