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Intra-Oral Camera

People seldom have a clear idea of the actual status of their dental health. Even with lights and mirrors, a patient can’t see what the dentist can – that is, until now. The digital intra oral wand simply takes pictures of the inside of your mouth and transmits the images to a computing unit. Once we capture the images and the exam is done, we will review the images with you.Thus, you’ll become an informed partner in your dental care. The camera's honest survey reveals the early stages of potentially serious problems, allowing us to catch small problems before they escalate. This is especially helpful with gum disease, cracks and other insidious conditions that cause damage without causing pain till its too late.

Digital Surveyor

We have a digital surveyor for our patients so that we may be able to let them take a live close-up look at their teeth and gums. This special device has a thin wand like digital surveyor camera that is attached to a monitor that the patients hold in their hands and watch as the dentist surveys their teeth and gums with the wand.